Best Neighborhood Bar (Minneapolis) (2012)

Buster's on 28th

A number of great watering holes are tucked away in tiny pockets of the Twin Cities, but the Powderhorn/Nokomis area has a gem in Buster's on 28th. The atmosphere is homey but lively, and the gastropub boasts one of the most robust craft beer selections in Minneapolis. If you need the perfect alcoholic accompaniment for its awesome braised beef or barbecue pork sandwich, the staff is eager to suggest which tap will pair nicely with your meal. Some might complain about the pub's lack of hard liquor, but the absence of spirits keeps the bar's rowdiness level down — and it's hard to voice a complaint while you're stuffing your face with some of the best onion rings anywhere. The best thing about Buster's is its warmth, which is just another way of saying the area wouldn't be the same without it.

Location Details

4204 28th Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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