In a bar known for its creative cocktails, one might think it ill-advised to order a drink as simple as a martini. Nothing could be further from the truth. The bartenders at La Belle Vie, headed by Johnny Michaels, treat the classic cocktails like old friends and are happy to make them however you like. The attention to detail at LBV starts long before you order a drink. When a new bottle of vermouth is opened it is immediately transferred to smaller bottles to minimize oxidation, and it's refrigerated to prevent spoiling. Over the years Michaels has created several subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) twists on the classic martini. And because the martini is not just the sum of its parts but an experience, the room you drink it in becomes an essential ingredient in the perfect drink. The bar at LBV has the character and sophistication to match the cocktail.

Location Details

510 Groveland Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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