A Korean meal contains such simple and lovely elements — the pickled kimchees, the flavors of ginger, garlic, and bean paste, the barbecued meats, the scallion pancakes, the spicy stews. Mirror of Korea has become a local jewel for capturing the essence of a Korean meal. So much beauty is found in its vast and diverse menu, some dishes more exotic and challenging — blood cake soup, for example — and others simpler and more comfortable, like Kim Chee Fried Rice. The no-nonsense dining room is filled with large tables; bring a group so you can try as many items as possible, since it's nearly impossible to choose just one. The spiciness of the soups and stews is the perfect antidote to a cold day. We are also big fans of its version of steak tartare, Yook Hwae, perfectly spiced with sesame oil and garlic. This is a restaurant that feels very homey. The menu is thorough and thoughtful, and your meal is clearly prepared by the most competent hands.

Location Details

761 N. Snelling Ave.
St. Paul MN 55104


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