Between Black Sheep's pizza, Fulton's growlers, and Haute Dish's tater tot hot dish, the Warehouse District has become the neighborhood of the moment for the upwardly mobile, condo-dwelling diner. But no matter how hip and bespectacled the faces are in Bar La Grassa's always-busy waiting area, the cuisine that this nationally recognized restaurant serves up is centered on something that's been a favorite of carb lovers for centuries: pasta. Whether he's working with dried or fresh, executive chef Isaac Becker, a James Beard Award winner and owner of the equally excellent 112 Eatery, has an incredible knack for knowing just what to do with noodles of every shape. Large, hollow tubes of paccheri are the perfect match for shreds of tender and fragrant saffron milk-braised chicken, semi-circles of agnolotti make an ideal home for earthy mushrooms and Taleggio cheese, and wide ribbons of pappardelle are the obvious choice to stand up to the slow-cooked intensity of veal ragu. It's not just the pasta that's noteworthy. In addition to nicely crusted, fall-off-the-bone, St. Louis-style ribs, the elegant simplicity of the soft scrambled eggs and lobster bruschetta is an experience every Twin Cities resident should have at least once.

Location Details

800 N. Washington Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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