In a downtown teeming with well-established Hibernian drinking outposts, O'Donovan's has an advantage in one particular — proximity. Being across the street from both First Avenue and the Target Center/Field nexus makes it one of the biggest no-brainer spots of entertainment real estate in Minneapolis, the sort of location that could house any half-ass bar as long as drink specials were involved. So it's to O'Donovan's infinite credit that half-assing things is completely out of the question. The story goes that every piece of O'Donovan's was shipped in from Ireland — and it feels like it. O'Donovan's makes the most of its Celtic heritage: Live Irish folk bands play weekly, tap selections run from Guinness to Smithwick's to Murphy's (with Magners on tap for cider enthusiasts), and the menu is known for doing remarkable things with potatoes; try the Colcannon or one of the full-to-bursting meat pies.

Location Details

700 1st Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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