For more than two decades, Gardens of Salonica has provided Northeast with a glimpse into Greece, even on the coldest winter's day. Owner Anna Christoforides dances through the restaurant each day, crafting fresh and traditional dishes to her heart's delight — and that of the diners as well. Like any great restaurant, it starts with the ingredients, then is built up with plenty of attention to detail and the flair of a great artist. There are regulars on the menu, like the psito (a leg of lamb seasoned with garlic and herbs) and mousakas (layers of eggplant and pasture-raised ground beef, topped with a cream sauce), along with a constant array of new creations that represent the state of the art in Greek cuisine. And leave space for dessert, whether it's baklava, boughatsa, rizogalo, or any other delicious option.

Location Details

19 5th St. NE
Minneapolis MN 55413


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