Some farmers' markets are fancier. Some have tighter restrictions on non-local produce. Some have more upscale food trucks. But none can compete with the Minneapolis Farmers Market on Lyndale Avenue when it comes to selection. For starters, the Lyndale Market is open seven days a week May through October, which means you don't need to anticipate the whole week's fresh produce needs on Saturday morning. For those hardy souls who not only buy organic, local food but also grow their own, there's no place in town that compares to the selection of seedlings and transplants available at the Lyndale Market in the spring and early summer. The adjacent (but separately owned and operated) Farmers Market Annex offers everything from clothes to handmade artisan jewelry, accessories, garden art, and freshly cut flowers. On weekend mornings, the energy at the Lyndale Market rivals that of the State Fair, complete with families enjoying brats and sweet corn as they roam the iconic red-roofed sheds. Parking can be an adventure, but it just goes to show how popular this farmers' market is, with good reason.

Location Details

312 E. Lyndale Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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