In the world of cocktails there is always a new take on an old drink. Whether it's playing around with the structure of a classic family of cocktail like the sour by using a homemade sweet syrup instead of sugar, or carbonating a Manhattan, or floating a lime-salt foam over a margarita instead of rimming the glass, these ideas make vintage drinks dangerous again. But one thing this world is short on is completely new cocktail ideas. Just as seemingly every Hollywood movie these days reminds us of another, a cocktail lover will quickly see through a drink's cheeky name and recognize that it's really just a variation on another. While there's nothing wrong with these modest innovations, nothing is more exciting than trying an entirely new cocktail concept for the first time. One of these firsts is the Olivetto at Marvel Bar, a cocktail unlike anything we've ever seen or heard of. Pip Hanson, the drink's creator, has described it as "an emulsified sour, a drink that uses egg white to emulsify olive oil into the mix." Most of us have opened up to the idea of an egg or egg white in our drink; bartenders have been using them since the dawn of cocktails to add a rich texture and pleasant froth. But olive oil? You'll have to try it for yourself. It adds another dimension to the mouth feel of a drink: We've heard it described as "like drinking a cloud." We have scoured the internet and have found no record of a cocktail like it.

Location Details

50 2nd Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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