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Best Of :: Food & Drink

Best Contemporary Cocktail
The Olivetto, Marvel Bar

In the world of cocktails there is always a new take on an old drink. Whether it's playing around with the structure of a classic family of cocktail like the sour by using a homemade sweet syrup instead of sugar, or carbonating a Manhattan, or floating a lime-salt foam over a margarita instead of rimming the glass, these ideas make vintage drinks dangerous again. But one thing this world is short on is completely new cocktail ideas. Just as seemingly every Hollywood movie these days reminds us of another, a cocktail lover will quickly see through a drink's cheeky name and recognize that it's really just a variation on another. While there's nothing wrong with these modest innovations, nothing is more exciting than trying an entirely new cocktail concept for the first time. One of these firsts is the Olivetto at Marvel Bar, a cocktail unlike anything we've ever seen or heard of. Pip Hanson, the drink's creator, has described it as "an emulsified sour, a drink that uses egg white to emulsify olive oil into the mix." Most of us have opened up to the idea of an egg or egg white in our drink; bartenders have been using them since the dawn of cocktails to add a rich texture and pleasant froth. But olive oil? You'll have to try it for yourself. It adds another dimension to the mouth feel of a drink: We've heard it described as "like drinking a cloud." We have scoured the internet and have found no record of a cocktail like it.

50 2nd Ave. N., Minneapolis, 55401
Best Restaurant (Minneapolis)
The Bachelor Farmer
Photo by Sasha Landskov

Who knew you could get so worked up over something as simple as toast? Of course the toast that has the North Loop neighborhood abuzz goes far beyond the slice of buttered white that comes alongside over-easy eggs. The sourdough bread is made in-house and arrives at your table in a charming silver caddy, fanned out before you like a selection of gorgeous, edible canvases. Add your preferred amount of sweet and salty house-cured salmon, a smear of mustard, and a see-through layer of pickled cucumber and you have the perfect late-night snack. The talented team at the Bachelor Farmer, assembled by brothers and co-owners Eric and Andrew Dayton, is bringing the simple sophistication of clean flavors and complex textures — like sour and chewy dried cherries, creamy and earthy duck liver pâté, and ripe, salty pistachios — and making them a huge part of this re-imagined smorgasbord experience. Chef Paul Berglund has also managed to breathe new life into the cuisine that many Minnesotans were first introduced to by their Scandinavian grandmothers. Cured salmon, softly spiced meatballs made with milk-soaked breadcrumbs and begging to be dunked in tart lingonberry sauce, briny pickled herring, venison, and even roasted beets are prepared in a way that makes you feel as though you're appreciating them for the first time. It will require patience and planning to snag a table, but sometimes throwing caution to the wind pays off. Even if it doesn't, you couldn't ask for a better place to bide your time than at the adjoining Marvel Bar.

50 N. 2nd Ave., Minneapolis, 55401
Best Restaurant (St. Paul)
Heartland Restaurant and Farm Direct Market

The menu is noticeably wordy, but it's the food that is truly a mouthful at Heartland in Lowertown, the downtown St. Paul district that's drawing foodies from all corners who want to experience something truly revelatory. Chef Lenny Russo, a James Beard Award finalist in the prestigious category of Best Chef: Midwest, hasn't slowed down in the slightest since opening this beacon for locally grown produce in 2002 (it moved to the current location in 2010). Since then, Heartland has gained a reputation for thoughtful presentation and, since its menu is contingent on whatever ingredients are freshest, as a steward of sustainability. Russo's ever-changing selection of house-made charcuterie — which sometimes includes a gutsy wild boar braunschweiger, a rich duck prosciutto, goose rillettes, terrines, and pâtés — recalls the finest in Old World dining, whereas dishes like the Asian-inspired rainbow trout with a cornmeal crust and bok choy and ginger broth cater to more modern tastes.

289 E. 5th St., St. Paul, 55101
Best New Restaurant
Photo by Emily Utne

If you made a Venn diagram with three circles titled accessibility, affordability, and delectability, very few restaurants would fall in the small area where all three intersect. If you've been fortunate enough to score one of the 14 tables at Tilia in the charming neighborhood of Linden Hills, you likely already made the observation that for a restaurant that feels as comfortable as a worn-in pair of clogs, the food is fantastically refined and a shoe-in for best new restaurant. After years of honing his skills at big-time eateries like Levain, Lucia's, and Porter & Frye, part owner and executive culinary director Steven Joel Brown just couldn't let the dream of running his own place die, and Minneapolis is so much better for it. The dish of bitter braised greens with bourbon and smoked chicken, though listed on the menu as a simple side, is a complex festival of flavors and practically a meal unto itself. Craving something heartier? Beef cheeks in red wine with warm, Christmasy chestnut polenta and sweet and seedy charred figs is comfort food redefined. But Brown doesn't enforce an uppity agenda. You'll regularly hear the sounds of PBRs being cracked open by the kitchen staff, and the BLT hot dog is one of the best things on the menu.

2726 W. 43rd St., Minneapolis, 55410
Best Chef
Steven Joel Brown of Tilia
Photo by Emily Utne

It stands to reason that whoever is at the helm of the best new restaurant would be a contender for the year's best chef, but that's not the only reason this award goes to Steven Joel Brown of Tilia. No, the set of criteria used to measure a great chef is rooted in what that individual brings to an already exciting and impressive dining scene. In Brown's case it's a sort of coolness, a confident swagger that looks best on someone who is a bit of a rebel, perhaps even someone who used to create innovative dishes at an ill-fated but well-loved (to those few who were in the know) restaurant called Rockstar. His intention to make Tilia a neighborhood hub that won't take reservations demonstrates what he aims to foster in this movement to democratize fine dining: community — the people who sit at your bar and gab over a grilled flatbread or a jar of potted meat. Brown radiates ideas, opinions, and stories, and fortunately that quality translates to each meticulously crafted plate of the new brand of comfort food he serves.

2726 W. 43rd St., Minneapolis, 55410
Best French Restaurant
Photo by Ed Neaton

Though a perennial favorite for best French restaurant, Meritage features dishes (such as moules frites, slow-cooked monkfish, escargot braised with oxtail, an amusement of tuna tartare "taco, " and the stunning selection of oysters on the half shell) that could make this restaurant a worthy contender in the Best Seafood category too. Chef Russell Klein honors the techniques and rich flavors of classic French cooking but still manages to keep things light. Similarly, the atmosphere created by front-of-house manager Desta, who happens to be not only Klein's partner in business but also in life, is that of a tight ship, but as a guest you'll only ever feel cradled in the warm glow of the dining room. As with the five-, seven-, or nine-course tasting menu, Meritage's Chef's Table, a new addition that was born out of the 2010 renovation, is epicurean heaven. Don't have time to wade through that much food? Then cut through it all and go straight for the roasted bone marrow. "Every mouthful is like eating a whole steak, in terms of flavor, " says Klein.

410 Saint Peter St., St. Paul, 55102

Best Contemporary Cocktail: The Olivetto, Marvel Bar


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