A good cocktail should be an experience. At Marvel Bar, it starts with an unmarked side entrance around the corner from its sister business, the Bachelor Farmer, followed by a basement hallway, and, finally, a purple door. Should you choose to walk through that door, you'll discover a dimly lit, windowless bar alive with colorful walls and flowing with booze. The drink menu features nine classic cocktails plus nine original concoctions, all made with delicate precision and hand-carved, high-grade ice. The Oliveto is a frothy mix of egg whites, gin, olive oil, and lemon. The Deuce Deuce features rye whiskey, two varieties of vermouth, and two bitters. The Silverado gives a twist to the tequila sour by adding a whisper of horseradish. Master bartender Pip Hanson knows his stuff. He first studied under local bad-ass drink maker Johnny Michaels (now at La Belle Vie) and spent five years in Japan under the tutelage of the legendary Kazuo Uyeda. The fact that the bar is owned by Eric and Andrew Dayton, sons of Gov. Mark Dayton, adds to the space's intrigue.

Location Details

50 2nd Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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