Best Cocktail for Putting Hair on Your Chest (2012)

Cobra Kai at the Strip Club Meat & Fish

So you think this contemporary cocktail trend is strictly for metrosexuals — that real men should drink whiskey and martinis? We dare you to get over to the Strip Club Meat & Fish and throw down a Cobra Kai. True, it arrives in a compact, slender glass, not nearly as big as you'd expect, frothy with egg whites on the top. But don't let that fool you. That first sip is packed with habanero bitters and tart acidity that goes straight to the back of the throat, ripping into tender flesh with searing heat, followed by the unmistakable sensation of pouring lemon juice directly into a paper cut. Ah, smooth. The Kilo Kai rum adds an extra boot to the chest-sized kick at the end. Knock it back, finish it off, let your lady know, "Pain don't hurt."

Location Details

378 Maria Ave.
St. Paul MN 55106


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