It stands to reason that whoever is at the helm of the best new restaurant would be a contender for the year's best chef, but that's not the only reason this award goes to Steven Joel Brown of Tilia. No, the set of criteria used to measure a great chef is rooted in what that individual brings to an already exciting and impressive dining scene. In Brown's case it's a sort of coolness, a confident swagger that looks best on someone who is a bit of a rebel, perhaps even someone who used to create innovative dishes at an ill-fated but well-loved (to those few who were in the know) restaurant called Rockstar. His intention to make Tilia a neighborhood hub that won't take reservations demonstrates what he aims to foster in this movement to democratize fine dining: community — the people who sit at your bar and gab over a grilled flatbread or a jar of potted meat. Brown radiates ideas, opinions, and stories, and fortunately that quality translates to each meticulously crafted plate of the new brand of comfort food he serves.

Location Details

2726 W. 43rd St.
Minneapolis MN 55410


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