Best Central/South American Restaurant (2012)


This past summer, the rundown pizza joint in the inauspicious strip mall across from IHOP on 37th and Stinson, where St. Anthony, Columbia Heights, and northeast Minneapolis converge, gave way to a shiny new storefront. Catalina Duran and Lucia Vogel turned the space into Catalina's Restaurant, which focuses on Honduran cuisine along with standard Mexican fare. Their horchata is spiced with jicama and tamarind for a light, flavorful drink redolent of iced chai, and the meat in such dishes at the Mixiotes is as tender as any you'll find in the city, literally falling off the bone. Their homemade salsas are frequently ordered by the jar for home consumption by devoted patrons. Entrée prices are thoroughly affordable, with most hovering around $8 and a few specialty dishes venturing up to $13. Catalina's offers some of the most authentic, flavorful, fresh, and delicious Latin American food in the city at bargain-basement prices.

Location Details

2301 37th Ave. NE
Columbia Heights MN 55421


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