There's something so simple, so comforting in great barbecue. All it takes is time, patience, and often an unsung cut of meat. Yet great barbecue is truly a hard-to-master bit of culinary artistry. Tender, fall-apart meat, embraced by that telltale pink smoke ring — there's only one place that gets it right time and again, year after year, and that's Big Daddy's. They have moved their operation up from a parking lot to the gleaming, sweet little spot they now occupy on University and Dale in St. Paul. Where once this food was available only one heartbreakingly short day a week, the hours have now expanded to include five days a week. The crackling crust harbors sweet, tender meat. While great barbecue isn't about the sauce, a great sauce (on the side, please) doesn't hurt. Big Daddy's is thankfully available by the Mason jar, because a tiny cup isn't enough. It beckons with sweetness before smacking back with an awesome acidic spice bite. There's nothing not to love about Big Daddy's classic, bad-ass barbecue.

Location Details

609 University Ave. W.
St. Paul MN 55103


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