Put a guy in a suit and aim a TV camera at him and more often than not a measure of smugness will overtake him. Whether they're anchors, reporters, or meteorologists, many of our TV news people put on such self-important airs that we can barely stand watching them. One refreshing exception is Fox 9 morning weather guy Keith Marler. He seems so genuinely happy and easygoing (especially for someone whose workday begins in the middle of the night) that it's almost impossible to be annoyed by him. He's goofy but smart, sometimes sarcastic but never superior. Unlike some unnaturally tan and buff TV personalities, Marler comes off as a regular guy. He's relatable — someone you might like to have a beer with, as they say. He looks good in his suit, sure, but certain angles reveal a bit of pudge under there. And he readily admits that the mandated-for-TV lustrous locks atop his head are not his own hair, which endears him to us all the more. Oh, and his weather forecasts? Certainly no less accurate than the next guy's.

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