Thanks to services like, Tivo, and Netflix, the way that we watch television is changing. Rather than wading through hundreds of channels in search of palatable programming, we're either turning on our Wiis or laptops and hitting "play" or pirating our favorite shows minutes after they air. That said, the old days of channel surfing still hold a certain retro charm. And that is the simple strength of 45 and its sister stations, now inexplicably found in the 5 range. Here you'll find craptacular network programming that encapsulates everything you would have found on cable 10 years ago. For the folks who loved Nick at Nite, there are shows like the original Star Trek, Get Smart, and The Twilight Zone. For folks who love celebrity gossip, there are old episodes of E! True Hollywood Story. Most evenings feature oddly enthralling movies that time forgot, such as Overboard, Baby Boom, and The Thomas Crown Affair. No, we're not talking about appointment television here, but if you're drunk at 1 a.m. or home sick with the flu and looking for something to watch, you're going to be surprisingly entertained.

Location Details

3415 University Ave.
St. Paul MN 55114


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