She's smart. She's hip (well, she was spotted once sporting a Pavement shirt while reporting on a local CD-release party, so she's hip for a newscaster). We like KARE 11's Jana Shortal because it's unlikely we'll ever see her behind the anchor desk sporting the Republican-wear outfit of most other female newscasters: the pearls, the buttoned-up suit dresses, the shoulder-length, neatly coiffed, golden blond hair. And it's unlikely we'll ever see her covering a frivolous or sensational thing without a laugh. Case in point? A September report she filed on Minnesota's new SweeTango apple was rife with puns and bad jokes. Shortal described the apple as such: "For real, y'all, the SweeTango is an apple love child, born of a 20-year breeding between Papa Honeycrisp and Mama Zestar." The piece ends with Shortal taking a big messy bite and deadpanning flatly, mouth full of apple, "It's like a tango in my mouth." At the risk of reducing a talented and fun reporter to her looks, we gotta say it: We dig the hair. We dig the glasses. And above all, we dig Jana.

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8811 Olson Memorial Highway
Golden Valley MN 55427


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