Best Rock Band (2012)


A few days after steamrolling over everyone at the recent Best New Bands showcase at First Avenue, Bloodnstuff reached their Kickstarter goal, which helped them pay for the mixing and mastering of their highly anticipated debut record. That boisterous album (which was set to be released this month) should be a welcome shot in the arm to the Twin Cities' thriving but slightly staid music scene. The blistering two-piece features singer-guitarist Ed Holmberg and drummer Dylan Gouret, both ex-members of the short-lived experimental band Economy Team. The duo have been making music together for more than 10 years, and that easy affinity informs their incendiary, raucous sound, as Bloodnstuff smoothly transition from slower, bluesy rhythms to massive, Sabbath-like riffs that make you wonder if all that racket can be generated by only two people. Gouret's piercing vocals are reminiscent of Ronnie James Dio's and perfectly complement the churning metal pulse he and Holmberg generate so exuberantly. Soon the Twin Cities will belong to Bloodnstuff. Consider yourself warned.


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