In recent years, the ever-forward march of technology has had the curious (and for more than a few people, refreshing) side effect of prompting people to re-embrace supposedly outdated media. The reemergence of vinyl, however much of a niche it may still be, has been the most noticeable in the music world, but last year Moon Glyph reminded us of the equally simple though considerable joys of flipping over a cassette or pressing the rewind button on the stereo — the sorts of little details that helped us fall in love with music in the first place. Moon Glyph's array of lushly presented cassettes highlights the many pleasures of listening to music in its physical medium, from the gentle hiss of the tape to the beautiful artwork, which so perfectly complements the label's stable of psychedelic rock bands. Their work has even earned them love from those finicky Pitchfork scribes, but undoubtedly the label's biggest success has been in helping foster a sense of community that can be enabled only by a turntable or a tape deck.

Location Details

3330 Humboldt Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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