No matter how excited we all were to get dressed up and sip martinis for the season premiere of Mad Men, we didn't need Vincent Kartheiser to tell us how great the Current is, as he did in a recent interview with the New York Times. It turns out the man we all know (and despise) as Pete Campbell has a crush on the station, and it's not just because he grew up in St. Paul. Now more than ever, the Current is carrying the banner for Minnesota music not just here but to the world at large. If you had taken a walk down Sixth Street in Austin during South by Southwest, for instance, just about anyone you bumped into with at least a passing knowledge of our scene would name-drop The Local Show or The Morning Show — even before First Avenue. In fact, the Current brand has grown so strong recently that it doesn't need to worry about the Madison Avenue types; it basically sells itself.

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