Best New Nightclub (2012)


Though it's been open since 2009, Honey has been the Cities' best kept nightclub secret, and to many it's still considered new. If it weren't for the thumping sidewalk beneath your feet on weekend nights, you could walk right by this underappreciated gem. Hidden in a basement underneath Ginger Hop, Honey is known for its exclusive feel and look inspired by the lounges of Manhattan's Lower East Side. New York native and nightclub renaissance man Jon Provenzano owns the lounge, and also tends bar and handles the live music booking. He books music that best fits the vibe of the lounge: jazz in the early evenings to keep it calm and cool as you taste the impressive menu, then, as the night goes on, it gets louder and louder, mostly with DJs that practice in the arts of party rocking, dub step, and hip hop. Popular parties such as Hands High, House Party, and Turnt Up! sell out the lounge most nights before midnight. Apart from First Avenue, Honey has the best constant roster of DJs and musicians every month. Provenzano has built a solid reputation in town with artists for his professionalism, easiness to work with, and vision. If the music doesn't win you over, you always have the bar, with working-man prices any break dancer can appreciate.

Location Details

205 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55414


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