Best New Band (2012)

Night Moves

All things considered, it's easy to forget that Night Moves is a new band. The local trio have sounded like veterans from the get-go. While most bands stumble finding their way early on, Night Moves chose to keep their songs in the oven until they were ready, not even playing a show until every sonic detail was in place. The result was Colored Emotions, a psychedelic universe of an LP in which country, soul, and pop live in the same room. The band has been hit with lazy MGMT comparisons from cursory listeners, but that's a shortsighted comparison. Night Moves make for a unique blend of psychedelia and twang, and they've climbed to the top of the Twin Cities mountain quickly by sticking to their methodical guns. Now, with a record deal from Domino under their belt, we'll see where else they can climb.


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