John Kander and Fred Ebb specialized in bouncy-sounding scores that hid dark hearts. Cabaret's heart is especially bleak, as anyone with even the most basic knowledge of 20th-century history knows where many of the characters in libertine Weimar Germany were going to be in just a few years. That mixture of sweet music and pitch-black mood made Cabaret perfect fodder for Frank Theatre, which transformed the Centennial Showboat into the Kit Kat Klub and put Bradley Greenwald front and center as the ambiguous Emcee. The tight stage meant that the whole production needed to be scaled back, but that added some extra weight to the proceedings. A simple Nazi armband carried as much menace as a stage festooned with flags and banners. Cabaret sported strong performances up and down the cast, but Greenwald absolutely stole the show. Wendy Knox's direction brought the show to life with humor and charm, but it never skimped on what was just around the corner for our characters.

Location Details

3156 23rd Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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