As much as we appreciate multiplex choice, gourmet concessions, and the sightlines of auditorium seating, a movie theater's only as good as the repertoire. And by those crucial standards, the Trylon — all 50 seats of it — is the best movie theater in the Cities. If you're one of those aspiring cinephiles hoping to play catch-up, the Trylon offers as good a curriculum as you'd hope for. Retrospectives on iconic filmmakers like Lang, Bergman, and Hitchcock are ideal for the uninitiated as well as longtime movie buffs revisiting old favorites. Series like the B-movie lovefest Trash Film Debauchery and "The Defenders," in which local artists pick out and justify their own celluloid cult favorites, inject some crowd-pleasing irreverence into the film canon. Documentary showcases like the arts-focused Every Hundred Feet and the long-running Sound Unseen music-doc series give insight into the ups and downs of the creative process. And every week begins with the presentation of a special premiere of a movie that might not otherwise reach local big screens — indie comedies, international dramas, and gripping historical film essays are just the start. This might be one of the smallest movie houses in the entire country, but every night it makes sure at least a few dozen people spend a couple of hours in the dark finding out just how big the world of cinema can be.

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3258 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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