The best karaoke tends to be found in dive bars with cheap booze and tipsy clientele. That is certainly the case at Lyn-Lake's VFW. Come early to nab a large vinyl booth, and pick up a Trapper Keeper of tunes. The song selection is vast and pretty varied, from country standards to '80s pop to party anthems (the only criticism we have is that we'd love to see more hip-hop tunes available). The crowd changes each evening but is generally a pleasant mix of barflies, hipsters, folks from out of town, music students, and who knows who else. Some singers bomb, others belt out Whitney Houston tunes like pros. Regardless of how your performance turns out, you will probably receive at least one high-five from a stranger on your way back to your seat.

Location Details

2916 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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