If standup has a First Avenue, local and touring comedians alike will pinpoint Acme as a top candidate. And it's not just because it's one of the few dedicated Twin Cities venues to tough out two decades, through comedy boom and bust alike. The 275-strong capacity crowds are big enough to make good sets feel utterly electric without dwarfing the headliner's up-close impact, a dynamic that works to the benefit of cult favorites and comedy-connoisseur heroes like Maria Bamford, Kyle Kinane, and Marc Maron. It boasts a history of some now-legendary sets being recorded for posterity there — Mitch Hedberg's Mitch All Together, Doug Benson's Hypocritical Oaf, and the Sklar Brothers' Poppin' the Hood, among others — and not a week goes by without a national name of note pulling a long-weekend stand. Best of all, Acme's lack of a two-drink-minimum, coupled with an emphasis on bring-your-friends open mic and new talent showcases, reveal an enthusiasm for the art form that's built one of the most loyal customer fan bases in town.

Location Details

708 N. 1st St.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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