Best Choreographer (2012)

Carl Flink

There's art in science and science in art — a point driven home by choreographer Carl Flink at the February 2012 performance of his Black Label Movement company at the Cowles Center. His 2011 work HIT drew on research by biomedical engineer David Odde about the raucous interior lives of cells. Fearless (and hopefully well insured) dancers Bryan Godbout, Megan McClellan, Eddie Oroyan, and Laura Selle Virtucio performed the physically demanding work with a collective no-holds-barred attitude. But this wasn't an out-of-control brawl — Flink carefully calculated every shove, punch, and toss, exemplifying the strategic planning necessary to support a well-conceived dance composition. Thanks to Flink's HIT, it's now clearer than ever that dance is an excellent way to learn more about the secrets of our existence.


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