This northeast Minneapolis gallery is always up to something interesting. Last year the space packed an impressive eight exhibitions into its schedule. Unique shows included work from French graffiti artists 123 Klan, and Scion Installation's video installation featuring work from emerging artists. Though the gallery has brought in national and international artists and cooperatives, allowing Minnesotans a glimpse into art worlds they might not otherwise have access to, the group has also curated a slew of great shows featuring local creatives. For example, its most recent show, "Working Title," featured mashups from various Minnesota painters and designers. Each week the space held a reception where guests could check out pieces as they shape-shifted from collaboration between talents. Spring of 2011 saw the opening of an exhibition featuring beloved comic artist Frank Gaard, who now has a retrospective show at the Walker Art Center. The gallery has even dabbled outside of the traditional art world, hosting a holiday craft fair and MNfashion's Emerging Designers Showcase.

Location Details

1101 Stinson Blvd. NE
Minneapolis MN 55413


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