Best Actor (2012)

Bradley Greenwald

Greenwald went from strength to strength in the last year, from the Emcee in Frank Theatre's Cabaret to a trio of turns at the Jungle Theater: as Miles Gloriosus in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, as evil King Claudius in Hamlet, and in a return engagement of the one-man I Am My Own Wife. Greenwald owns a terrific voice and a sharp, distinct look, but he also can disappear into the roles, and these are four distinct creations. The Emcee stands in for all the turmoil in that moment of German history, but Greenwald brought out rare depth in the role. As King Claudius, he at times seemed as lost as the doubting Hamlet. And while his Roman war hero in Forum didn't call for lots of shades, Greenwald still went full bore, never afraid to look silly to bring home the humor. That leaves I Am My Own Wife, in which he plays dozens of roles in a single evening, centered on a singular person — a man who lived as a woman during decades of communism in East Germany.


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