Best Timberwolves Player (2011)

Kevin Love

Kevin Love was created in some sort of diabolical basketball lab under test conditions extrapolating what would happen if you gave Moses Malone an outside game. He's the Next Big Kevin, the man who threatens to turn the humble rebound into highlight-reel fodder every game, and the main reason anyone outside the FSN North broadcast radius pays attention to the T-Wolves. Even then, some of his greatest moments border on the apocryphal—his spectacular 31-point, 31-rebound performance against the Knicks on November 12 wasn't even televised—adding another level of mystique to the national market that only diehard out-of-state fans get to fully appreciate. Given the niche nature of the Twin Cities NBA market and the general victory-deprived malaise of the local fan base, Love has become one of those much-needed players the team can rally around—and build around.

Location Details

600 N. 1st Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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