Kenwood Park is a perfect urban retreat for a long, chilly afternoon of sledding. Not only does it have a scooped-out center with hills of varying degrees of difficulty, it also offers the double black diamond as well—"Suicide Hill." It's a treacherous and steep course stippled with formidable trees, man-made moguls, and the bodies of other sledders gasping for breath after a particularly good wipeout. A pretty fun community of people shows up there on a good, sunny sledding day. If there is a place to celebrate being Blizzard People as a community, this is it. The park is also walking distance from the coffee shops and bars all along Hennepin Avenue, so once the hill wins—and the hill always wins—everyone can retreat in mere moments to a thoroughly satisfying thaw either with a cup of hot cocoa or a stiff hot toddy.

Location Details

2101 Franklin Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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