If bowling is an ideal game for socializing, one best enjoyed with a cold beer (or three) and a handful of friends, then Bryant-Lake Bowl must be the ideal bowling alley. There's none of that impersonal, computerized scoring or other gimmicks, nor do you have to worry about leagues hogging all the lanes if you come on the wrong night of the week. Instead, you get to enjoy the thrills of do-it-yourself scoring, admittedly a relic of a bygone era but one that gets more fun in direct correlation with one's degree of inebriation (courtesy of a stellar selection of microbrews). Most nights of the week you can catch $2 bowling, and if the lanes sometimes seem a little wobbly, the bowling balls a little worse for wear, you'll be having too good a time to take much notice.

Location Details

810 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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