As folks in the area will attest, the Lyn-Lake and Carag neighborhoods were in dire need of a liquor store—one that doesn't have a parking lot the size of a dime, one where drunks don't stop to ask you for bus fare, one that actually accepts Visa. Dreams came true this summer when Lake Wine and Spirits opened. And while the bar was admittedly low, this charming store has far exceeded expectations. From the moment you enter, it's obvious that this business's main focus is wine; rows upon rows of bottles fill the central space, while beer and hard liquor are relegated to side shelves (though there is a notable craft beer selection as well). While shopping you can peruse a collection of around 10,000 wines, each categorized by region, in addition to a few fun categories such as "organic," "local," and "sweet." Looking to stock your wine rack? The sale section, where you can pick out six bottles for $36, offers some real treats. Not sure what you are looking for? The staff is knowledgeable and may even surprise you with some unusual suggestions. Flash your planned purchase to the cheese sommelier in the store's gourmet food shop and he'll suggest some excellent pairings that will open your taste buds to new possibilities.

Location Details

404 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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