Don't get us wrong: Whipping up a perfect pin-up girl's coiffure is no small feat, and a gal definitely needs a stylist who knows how to work a bobby pin. But there are more than a few places in town that can do a smashing up-do, and besides, ladies aren't the only ones hankering for a throwback look. The barbers at Schmidty's are some of the only ones in town who rockabilly hot rodders will entrust their locks to. These guys have an encyclopedic knowledge of pompadour styles and the products and techniques that keep them in place. And while most stylists will flinch at cutting a head of hair already greased, the boys at Schmidty's are well versed in the technique and send everyone out looking like a postcard from the '40s. The prices are pretty vintage, too—haircuts $17, beard trims $5.

Location Details

1339 Randolph Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105


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