Looking for a clothing store that radiates contemporary panache with a hint of technicolor nostalgia? Everyday People offers the best in a wide array of both women's and men's used clothing and accessories. Everyday People charms the senses with eclectic elegance. The assortment of alluring dresses and skirts, cozy cardigans, and tantalizing footwear presents countless ways to make your perfect outfit, whether you prefer classic style or shining sequins. Every visit invariably reveals something new to the racks—whether it's a designer sweater, a one-of-a-kind belt, or a vintage messenger bag. Everyday People offers patrons the option to bring in their old clothes in exchange for cash or store credit and treats customers exceptionally well. Factory-generated duds might win mall popularity contests, but for fashion-conscious people looking for more unique garments, the locally owned and operated Everyday People, in Minneapolis and St. Paul, offers some of the metro's best used clothing items and accessories.

Location Details

323 14 Ave. SE
Minneapolis MN 55414


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