You're in great hands with Leviticus Tattoo. Owner Kurt Melancon opened the shop in 1995, and he and his five artists have nearly a century of cumulative experience, with a heavy focus on Japanese, illustrative traditional tattoos, and intricate designs from world cultures. You can see that interest displayed on the 12-foot stone walls all around the newly remodeled, 4,000-square-foot space, everywhere from the indoor koi pond to the artifacts from the staff's travels to the art gallery filled with hand-painted work for sale. Walking into the shop feels a bit like entering a Buddhist temple married with a chic gallery, rather than one of those sterile sweatboxes blaring death metal—a definite plus when you're on your back in the chair and nerves are on edge. Plus, the shop promises its tattoos are "set to hold up for the long haul," and they'll help you make the right choice via their searchable artwork library. Leviticus also has the largest selection of organic body jewelry in the state, displayed in gorgeous armoires throughout the shop. Bottom line: From the tiniest tattoo to the showiest back pieces and sleeves, Leviticus will do it right the first time.

Location Details

4109 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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