Many of us have had that "Oh, crap!" Sunday moment when we realize we have no brewskis for that BBQ, football game, Sunday dinner, or night on the couch. Just because we live in a state with laws reflecting 19th-century values doesn't mean a Minnesotan need resort to 3.2 on his day of rest. Just over the state line in sunny Hudson is a Sunday oasis that never lets you down. Not only is Casanova Liquor open on Sunday, it is stocked sky-high with an amazing selection of craft and micro brews, focusing on regional selections and limited-edition runs. Build your own six-pack with hundreds of choices. The wine selection is rocking with organic and local options, too. The store has a great vibe and is located atop a lovely tree-lined hill, with friendly staff and the shop dog sleeping in the aisle. Hudson is a lovely place all four seasons, roughly 30 minutes from Minneapolis and 20 minutes from St. Paul, and Casanova Liquor is open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., 365 days a year.

Location Details

236 Coulee
Hudson MN 54016


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