Smitten Kitten has been fighting the good fight against prudish Midwestern upbringings since 2003, and by now they've perfected the art of making dirty feel downright sensible. Stepping inside is like going to a beloved neighborhood coffee shop, where the baristas specialize in lube varietals instead of lattes. There's lots of tasty literature in front to tease your brain and something to tease everything else in the back. The shop's stock is built around an extremely progressive attitude toward sex—earth-friendly sex toys, strap-ons of all sizes and colors, BDSM hardware, and pasties for any occasion. They even stream ethical porn on their website, putting those good vibrations to extremely good use. The knowledgeable and supremely uncreepy staff makes browsing a fun, exploratory experience—no trench coat required.

Location Details

3010 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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