For years—over two decades, in fact—Hymie's resided in the same spot on Lake Street, its facade distinctively graced by the iconic murals of Ray Charles and Billie Holiday, its rows of old records crammed into the building's undersized square footage. Finally, last year, Dave and Laura Hoenack decided to pack up and mosey a little farther down the block, where they took up new digs next door to Blue Moon Coffee. Fortunately the change was for the better, as the shop got the chance to spread out the way that its collection demands. Not lost in the move was the sort of mom-and-pop feel that means you can expect to find either a dog or one of the Hoenacks' kids—or both—running around when you drop in. As always, there are all the deep rock, jazz, R&B, and country cuts you would expect from any self-respecting used record shop, plus scores of classical, show tune, and spoken-word records, 8-tracks, and 78s. Aside from the great deals you get for having a mustache or beard (that's right: no goatees), Hymie's expanded even further, adding stage space for hosting in-store performances.

Location Details

3820 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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