Best Natural Foods Grocery Store (2011)

The Wedge Community Co-Op

Packed in the aisles at the Wedge are goodies for any lover of high-quality food, but it is best, as in most grocery stores, to shop around the edges. There you can find perfectly grown produce—including items from its own farm, Gardens of Eagan—that is almost all certified organic. You'll find locally produced eggs and milk, a deli section for those who are looking for something good and quick, and a bevy of cheeses that go beyond the normal "white and orange" found most places. The meat counter includes tasty bacon, grass-fed beef, and fresh lamb. If you crave carbs, freshly baked breads are your friends, again often made with organic ingredients (and some gluten free). The interior aisles aren't slouches either, offering high-quality packaged goods and bulk items. Meanwhile, the atmosphere, which could be smugly self-satisfied, is down-to-earth, with eager folks ready to share what they think is the best food in the Twin Cities. And often, they are absolutely right.

Location Details

2105 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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