Getting a haircut often walks the line between a transformative and traumatizing experience. If a stylist isn't skilled at cutting your type of hair, results can be disastrous: bad bangs, flat styling, and weird sections that take forever to grow out. However, if a stylist is skilled in navigating scissors through the landmine of your mane, the final look can be invigorating, marking a new era in which you're free from wrath-invoking day-to-day bad hair. The Chair is a neighborhood salon where any fears that you are playing Russian roulette with your hair will be assuaged by the professional and skilled staff. The environment is unpretentious, and the decor—plush rugs, rustic floors, antique mirrors—is downright cozy. Even better: Haircuts at this salon won't set you back too much, which is great if you're planning on updating your wardrobe as well.

Location Details

3554 Bryant Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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