Best Discount Liquor Store (2011)


When it's time to restock the liquor cabinet or buy massive quantities of drinkables for that big fiesta, people drive from all over the Twin Cities to shop at the discount liquor paradise that is Morelli's on the East Side of St. Paul. With sales flyers and coupons emailed weekly, "Everyday Cheap Charlie" specials, awesome beer deals, and a selection of the not-that-bad $2 Tisdale ("Tissy") wine, Morelli's savings are substantial. Look for tons of rebates for those who save their receipts and don't mind the hassle. As a bonus, Morelli's also has a great Italian butcher shop and deli counter. The only drawback: To keep overhead low, the store doesn't take credit cards, so be sure to stop at the cash machine before you arrive.

Location Details

535 Tedesco St.
St. Paul MN 55130


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