Best Clothing Store (Women) (2011)

Opitz Outlet

We bought an $800 Derek Lam cashmere sweater at Opitz recently for $5. Because it had a few flaws, a fancy department store tossed it from its pristine racks like a misfit toy and it made its way to the Opitz Annex across from Opitz headquarters (where most merch is 70 percent off and unflawed). This isn't an unusual occurrence at either building. Though parking is always packed—especially when new clothing arrives on Wednesdays—and the staff is often noticeably overwhelmed, the daily deals in this place are brag-worthy gems you can't find in most cities, from designer dresses to home furnishings to insanely priced purses and shoes. We once heard someone say if she moved away from Minneapolis she'd most miss First Avenue and Opitz. We have to agree.

Location Details

4320 Excelsior Blvd.
Minneapolis MN 55416


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