So, yeah, St. Paul Cheese Shop is technically just another location of France 44. But this quaint little storefront on Grand Avenue has a personality all its own. Inside, after the rush of warm, earthy air hits the nose, things are just a little more casual than they are in its big-brother store in Minneapolis. The same sumptuous, palate-pleasing products are here—a creamy white Wisconsin cheese striped with veins of blue-cheese cultures, for example, or a nutty Spanish goat cheese pocked with salty crystals—but the atmosphere is cozier for a cheese novice. Just ask the guy in the Wisconsin University tee behind the counter for help. Visit on weekday nights to avoid the crush on Saturdays for a tasting session. If it's possible to get the cheesemonger's undivided attention, the experience is as educational as it is delicious.

Location Details

1573 Grand Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105


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