The Electric Fetus is a musical gem, not just a music store but a Twin Cities institution. Founded in 1968, it has weathered time, a changing music industry, and even a tornado, and it is still the place to find that CD that no one else in the Twin Cities seems to have heard of. The Fetus boasts upward of 65,000 titles in its inventory, running especially deep in rock, jazz, R&B, and hip hop, and its friendly, music-savvy staff will happily order albums for customers when they're not available in the bins. You can even hear live music, with in-store performances by local bands. The store isn't just a local treasure, it's a national one, too—lauded by Rolling Stone and Bazaar as one of the best indie music stores in the country.

Location Details

2000 4th Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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