Never boring, Cliché specializes in hip, fashion-forward clothing that nonetheless has enough sticking power to hang around the closet for a few years. That's because the clothes, while innovative, are well-made—and also because the shop owners deliberately look for classic elements that prevent their offerings from going out of style the week after purchase. Husband-and-wife team Joshua and Delayna Sundberg split shop duties. While Delayna tends to the back end of the business, Josh is in the store most days with an amazing eye for clothes that will flatter your body and ways to accessorize them. The boutique's inventory includes a mix of local and national designers, and a good selection of locally made jewelry. The racks are constantly changing, and the owners order very few of each piece, so whatever you buy here will truly be the opposite of cliché.

Location Details

2403 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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