Best Bookstore (New) (2011)

Common Good Books

Here's a short list of what you won't find at Garrison Keillor's modest bookstore beneath Nina's Café on the corner of Western and Selby: toys, e-reader kiosks, racks of DVDs, and smut hiding in the magazine racks. What you will find is a carefully curated collection of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, shelved alongside handwritten recommendations from employees, starting with the predictable Complete Works of William Shakespeare right on through to wherever you imagine a guy who wears red Chuck Taylors might take you. It's a welcome relief from an online retail world clogged with mediocrity and strip-mall booksellers peddling everything except books. And should the urge strike you, wander past the "God" and "Adventure" sections to a corner near the back where you can peruse the work of the Bard of Anoka himself, while sitting in his movie-set chair from A Prairie Home Companion.


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