Best Villain (2011)

Steve Drazkowski

In our hearts this title will always belong to Michele Bachmann. But we're going to retire her jersey this year to make room for some new talent: Rep. Steve Drazkowski, a hot new prospect out of Mazeppa. Drazkowski first made waves last year by calling for an Arizona-style immigration law in Minnesota. Since then he's shown the kind of hustle you'd expect from our best villain, sponsoring laws that would make English the only official language, require welfare recipients to submit to humiliating drug tests, and repeal the Pay Equity Act, which makes sure local governments don't pay women less than men for the same work. He's no Bachmann, but the kid is just getting started. Also, his nickname, "Draz," has great villain potential, if he can come up with a good epithet. "Draz the Destroyer?" "Draz the Merciless?" Suggestions welcome.


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