Best Tweeter (2011)


It's tough to achieve a pitch-perfect Twitter persona. It's a tightrope walk between human but not oversharey, chatty but not irrelevant, informative but not boring, and above all keeping followers coming back for more. In fact, it's probably impossible. That's why this year's best Tweeter award goes to @NickColeman for the lowest common denominator—Twitter fights! Anyone can say something mean on Twitter, but it takes a real master of the art to get a healthy back-and-forth going. Few of the local Twitteratti are better at stirring the pot than Nick Coleman, who has flung a fair share of hashtags over the Viking stadium (@NickColeman: He LUVs me! RT @SaveTheVikesOrg: A seat next to the pisser? That spot is full. It is where your career with #Strib went to die) and in MinnPost's direction (@NickColeman: I will fight more later everyone! Gotta go make a semblance of a living! Discuss the problems at "MENPost" amongst yourselves!). With followers like that, who needs enemies?


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