Looking for the perfect place to snatch a kiss from your special someone? We have the ideal spot. First, spend some time with your intended at the Walker Art Center, giving oh-so-enlightened opinions about the latest exhibit. Next, casually guide your date outside to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and keep up that witty banter while you scope out the perfect spot to make your move. It shouldn't be hard, with places for every kind of tongue-mingling, from behind the hedges to in front of the iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry to the middle of the field. Be sure to use the weather to your advantage and let it set the scene for you. Clear and sunny? Wait for the sun to drop, so it glints off the Walker building and reflects the fire in your eyes. Raining? Everyone loves impassioned rain kisses, plus you have a solid excuse to go somewhere more private, quickly. Snowing? Your date's reticence is no match for the swirling wonderland; play your cards right and he/she will be amped up for an impromptu snowball fight, and then a long-awaited ride back to your place.

Location Details

1750 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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