Best Mayor (2011)

R.T. Rybak

Our mayor can beat your mayor in a dance-off. Seriously. Anyone who's seen R.T. Rybak break it down knows it's true. While there's something to be said about a mayor who doesn't shy away from gyrating in public, it's not the only attribute that makes Rybak the best mayor in the Twin Cities. In the past year, we've watched him take on everything from property taxes to Local Government Aid to Tim Pawlenty. These are especially tough issues in a down economy, and Rybak has managed to stand his ground. We've also seen the realization of the Nice Ride bike-share program, of which Rybak was an advocate for years. The program has been a huge success and has helped make Minneapolis one of the best cities for cyclists in the world. We're selfishly glad that Rybak didn't win the governor's race. Who knows what mess our budget would be in if someone else was in charge?


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